American Tool Rental carries a large line of air compressor. Our largest brand air compressor is the 210 CFM Air Compressor. This Kaeser Compressor wields a jolting 210 cubic feet per minute or air. This is a lot of air when you think about.

Our air compressor run on a diesel T4 tier engine. That is ultra quiet and insanely strong. You can run up to two 90 lbs pneumatic hammers. Or simply use the air for soil treatment.

People love using air compressor to push air into tools and hammers. Other use air compressors to power the pneumatic tools.

Understanding how an air compressor operates is the first thing to know when renting an air compressor. The engine is used to build air pressure which is then stored in a tank. This tank is then pressurized and released when a trigger is pulled.

Here are some images of the our most popular air compressors