GLC060 Forklift

Forklift Rental

There are many types of forklifts. You have your standard warehouse forklift, versatile forklift, rough terrain forklift, and many more.

When you actually need to rent a forklift what do you do ? You can American Tool Rental simply ask for quote for a forklift. You can get a quote for a daily, weekly, or monthly rental.

The most popular forklift size is a 5000 LBS forklift with long forks. Or with forklift extensions. Extension work great when handling longer sized pallets or oversized equipment deliveries.

These are our forklift lift extensions.

Our 5k Forklift Rental is easy to use. It operates like a car but with three functions. Forward, Reverse and Neutral. And of course your lift and tilt functions.

This is our most popular forklift lift rental

American also gives all its rental a safety course upon delivery for all our equipment rental. So you can be sure to know how to use the forklift when it is delivered to you.

Still not convinced ? We also carry larger forklifts. This being a reachable forklift or other wise known as a lull. The extremely behemoth of a machine weighs over 20,000 lbs and can lift 10k. You can lift material upwards of 40 feet.

Lull Forklift Rentals are also a great way to get material to the roof or any high structure. Lull’s are delivered by our professional team of drivers and ensure that the equipment is working properly and make sure that you are complete your job with our forklift rental.

This is one our Lull Rentals