Lull 1044C-54 Telescopic Forklift

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Lull 1044C-54 Series II


First introduced in 1996, the Lull 1044C-54 is part of McConnellsburg, Pa.-based JLG Industries’ stable of material handlers. The Series II update took place in 2005, and at that time, the only major change was the conversion from Cummins to John Deere power. The Lull and Gradall machines were the two most unique products participating in the Showcase, but what’s interesting is the features setting them apart are actually decades old.

On the Lull 1044C-54, the unique feature is the Transaction boom, which allows the entire boom to slide forward horizontally without moving the machine an inch. The horizontal load placement system is exclusive to only Lull and Pettibone’s Traverse product line, but the Lull is the only unit with this capability at this high of capacity. To accomplish horizontal load placement, the boom is mounted on a sub-frame that carries the entire assembly. Riding on massive rollers and rails, the carriage assembly can slide forward 80 inches on the main chassis without losing the 55-foot maximum vertical reach. When the stowed boom is rolled completely forward, the load is 88 inches in front of the outriggers.

Powering the Lull 1044C-54 is a 115-hp John Deere 4045TF275 engine. Hydraulic flow is produced by a pair of Barnes load-sensing, pressure-compensating gear pumps. The engine assembly is rear-mounted, and although fairly accessible, the placement just doesn’t stack up to the side-mounted or more modern mid-mounted engine designs. The engine location and sub-assembly required to carry the Transaction boom creates a viewing obstacle to the side and rear of the machine when the boom is in the forward position. However, with the boom back and in the carry position, which is how you would be driving the majority of the time, the view is surprisingly unobstructed.

Visibility is aided by a high seat position coupled with a wide-open cab. The full suspension seat provides a clear view of all controls. A complete set of analog gauges and a variety of warning lights are standard. Fully proportional, pilot-operated joystick controls command all boom, frame, and auxiliary functions.

To service the Lull 1044C-54, the hydraulic system test ports for each individual circuit are conveniently located and easily accessed below the cab. A set of LEDs under the dash helps troubleshoot electrical problems. Although the fuel and hydraulic oil tanks are neighbors, a wrench is required to access the oil fill, minimizing the chance of cross contamination.

A ZF four-speed forward, three-speed reverse modulated power shift transmission drives Dana-supplied axles. Four outboard, wet disc service brakes, and the spring-applied, hydraulically released parking brake is located on the driveline. Tires are hydro-filled.

Outriggers are mounted to pivot off the front axle, which allows the frame to be leveled — even when they are down. Reaching out at a 90° angle from the frame, they produce a broad 192-inch-wide footprint when deployed. The extra width is necessary for the stability required moving all the weight forward. Outriggers are also equipped with a load pressure switch to ensure they are down and properly loaded. Oversized outrigger pads are used to reduce ground pressure.


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